Range of services

“SZS Partners Radcy Prawni” provides services for ongoing legal services and expert legal advice.

Legal assistance is provided in the following languages: Polish, English and German.

We know that our Clients most respects their time, which is why we offer the legal services provided at Clients premises.

The scope of our services include activities related to the different areas of law:

Energy Law

  • creating structures for investments in the energy sector (through SPVs, privatisation transactions, mergers and acquisitions, etc);
  • current legal advisory taking into consideration the specifics of business activity within the energy sector;
  • advisory regarding specific legal aspects connected with the realization of projects within the renewable energy sector (drawing up lease agreements for a project location, verifying connection agreements, obtaining legal-administrative permits, etc);
  • representing clients in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office;
  • preparing legal analyses and audits for investment projects in the energy sector;
  • preparing and assistance in negotiations of contracts in the course of the investment project;

Environmental Protection

  • legal service regarding obtaining all documents and permits required by law, which are connected with conducting an assessment of an impact a particular enterprise has on environment, including areas of Nature 2000;
  • legal advisory in terms of waste management and obtaining water-legal permits;
  • comprehensive service regarding matters connected with creating and functioning of limited use areas;
  • representing clients in matters regarding claims arising from the creation of limited use areas;
  • creating procedures regarding voluntary satisfaction of claims arising from the creation of limited use areas and advisory connected therewith;

Commercial Law

  • founding companies and providing legal service for them; company registration and transformation;
  • preparing drafts and opinions, negotiating, creating investment agreements regarding start-up businesses and providing advisory in that matter;
  • preparing and implementing projects regarding tax optimization for companies;
  • drawing up and analyzing company agreements;
  • elaborating regulations for executive boards and supervisory boards;
  • assistance at meetings of company bodies; preparing protocols and resolutions;
  • representing clients at meetings of company bodies;
  • representing clients in case of disputes between partners;

Administrative Law

  • comprehensive legal service of infrastructural projects, in particular, energy and gas projects, at every stage of their realisation – from planning to implementation;
  • legal advisory in terms of placing construction products on the market, in particular, affixing the products with CE marking and meeting requirements regarding energy efficiency (EEI) of the construction products;
  • representing business entities in administrative and court-administrative proceedings, in particular, in matters regarding realization of investment processes;
  • legal advisory for local governments, including matters connected with the functioning of organizational units with communal property;
  • assistance in obtaining administrative decisions, including appeal procedures;
  • advisory in terms of personal data protection;
  • advisory in terms of obtaining and availability of public information;
  • representing business entities having financial support from the European Union, in particular, in terms of projects realised in accordance with the guidelines of Operational Programmes;

Construction Law

  • comprehensive service of an investment process;
  • representing investors in matters regarding immovables;
  • representing investors in matters regarding environmental protection law, including decisions on environmental conditions;
  • representing investors before administrative bodies and courts in matters regarding passing and amending studies and local development plans;
  • representing investors before administrative bodies and courts in matters regarding decisions on the location of public purpose investments, development conditions and building permits.
  • mediating and negotiating in the process of realization of investments evoking social protests;
  • pursuing claims for indemnities regarding exclusion or limitation of use of an immovable as a result of passing or amending the local development plan.

Civil Law

  • preparing, giving opinions and negotiating contracts, including multilateral contracts;
  • representing clients before courts in matters relating to civil law;
  • representing clients as parties to a dispute before economic courts;
  • vindicating claims, including receivables for vendors of mass-market services;
  • legal advisory regarding protection of intellectual property and competition law;
  • legal assistance in an investment process conducted on the basis of FIDIC procedures, including an assessment of claims raised by the parties thereof.

Labour Law

  • comprehensive analyses and implementation of solutions regarding working hours;
  • creating regulations regarding work, remunerations, employee benefit funds;
  • preparing drafts of and opinions on job contracts;
  • elaborating solutions regarding overtime, business travels, business cars, etc.;
  • implementing concepts of employment tax optimisation, in particular, the tax optimisation for a management team;
  • representing clients before labour courts in case of disputes;

Public Procurements

  • elaborating strategies and legal advisory in matters regarding public procurements, including the current consultancy of actions to be taken on each stage of the procedure;
  • comprehensive legal service for subcontractors in the course of procedures of awarding the public procurement (analysis of Terms of Reference, inquiries about ToR, appeals to the National Chamber of Appeal, complaints to ordinary courts);
  • representing contractors before orderers, the National Chamber of Appeal and courts in matters regarding public procurements;
  • advisory on selecting the type of the public procurement award procedure, with regard to the orderer’s needs and provisions of law;
  • advisory regarding drawing up Terms of Reference and conducting public procurement proceedings from the point of view of pace and safety thereof;